International business leaders widely acknowledge that expanding a business to the United States will open significant new growth opportunities, technical advancements, and financial benefits. However, many business owners have found it difficult and expensive to set up and operate a US subsidiary. Obstacles typically include facing risks of heavy capital investment in the early development stages, lack of access to local US capital, and unfamiliarity with American business regulations and the local business environment.

Sunshine State Enterprises LLC can address all those concerns and is positioned to assist our business partners in selected industries to establish operations in the United States. SSE will cooperate with select ventures to share development risks and to create mutually profitable opportunities. SSE can offer invaluable corporate support, ranging from financial assistance to developing stable and profitable growth or to establishing joint venture partnerships.

SSE was founded and is managed by an experienced business group with more than ten years record of successful operations in the United States. SSE is experienced in corporate regulations, finance, business laws, supply logistics, marketing and sales. SSE’s management is fully backed by an associated group of business professionals with whom we have had close working relations for many years. SSE is positioned to provide a full range of assistance to your new business development in the United States. Contact us today for further information.